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Shortly after becoming ill, the few people in my life quickly disappeared. Friends stopped emailing and texting. Invites stopped coming in. Messages were ignored. I had become invisible. I had ceased to exist. My illness had taken over. Lyme was my new best friend and no one else could bare spending time with “her”. It occupied all my time. It … Continue reading Invisible

The Art of Getting Sick

Get bite, get sick, test for Lyme and get on antibiotics, right? Simple enough you and anyone would think. But being diagnosed with Lyme in our day-and-age is anything but simple. That’s where the fight and the “art” of getting sick comes in. When you are sick with something that is acute, people seem to know how to act. “Get Better Soon! Hang in There” they write on cards and texts. But when you have something no one understands, and some don’t even believe in, the greeting cards are never mailed. The text messages are not sent. You become a ghost, a memory, too intangible for people to touch.

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